Petalis by Ismail Gunes Otken

Ismail Gunes Otken Shows The Petalis Sound Amplifier

Ismail Gunes Otken, the creative mind behind the awarded work Sound Amplifier:Petalis by Ismail Gunes Otken spells out, Petalis is a decorative wall unit that also works as a sound amplifier. It is aimed to direct the sound which is coming from the s <Cropped>

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Colonoscopy Device by Alasdair Barnett, Bruce Hutchison

Alasdair Barnett, Bruce Hutchison Reveals The Endocuff Colonoscopy Device

Alasdair Barnett, Bruce Hutchison, the maker of the award winning work Alasdair Barnett, Bruce Hutchison's EndoCuff Colonoscopy device explicates, EndoCuff is an innovative disposable device that slips onto the end of conventional colonoscopes t <Cropped>

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Panos Tsakirs's Carpos Packaging Design

Panos Tsakirs Exhibits The Carpos Packaging Design

Panos Tsakirs, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Carpos Packaging Design illustrates, From the very beginning, the brief was challenged in order to clarify the aim, reason and planning of the project. The guidelines and constraints <Cropped>

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Award Winning Office Building of Gas Company Gas Building

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri Shares The Office Building of Gas Company Gas Building

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri, the designer of the awarded work Gas Building by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri explicates, As its name suggests architect has used form of gas refinery. The building features is a broad overview with the elements <Cropped>

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Work Table by Anushka Contractor

Anushka Contractor Discloses The Conticross Work Table

Anushka Contractor, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Conticross Work table demonstrates, Conticross, a simple, sleek and moreover a tough table gathers the capacity of holding more than 200kgs of weight on it. The cross legged design bei <Cropped>

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Brooch by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The "emerald"-Project Asia Metamorphosis Brooch

The thinktank behind the highlighted design "Emerald" - Project Asia Metamorphosis by Acclaimed Designer says, Character and external shape of a subject allow to change new design of an ornament. In the lively nature one period changes to a <Cropped>

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Monet Garden-Interior Design by Szu-Wen Wang and Chung-Ting Wang

Szu-Wen Wang and Chung-Ting Wang Demonstrates The Monet Garden Interior Design

Szu-Wen Wang and Chung-Ting Wang , the designer of the displayed work Interior Design by Szu-Wen Wang and Chung-Ting Wang illustrates, Desired living in a cozy and comforting residence, the client ultimately makes dreams come true inhabiting in a won <Cropped>

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Show of Papers by Ximena Ureta

Ximena Ureta Spotlights The Paper Flight Show of Papers

Ximena Ureta, the creative mind behind the award winning work Show of papers:Paper Flight by Ximena Ureta illustrates, This kinetic art object highlights all the possibilities that a great materiality provides to graphic design. The creative challeng <Cropped>

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Salt and Pepper Dispenser:pincher by Sahar Madanat Design Studio

Sahar Madanat Design Studio Creates The Pincher Salt and Pepper Dispenser

Sahar Madanat Design Studio, the author of the award winning work Pincher by Sahar Madanat Design Studio says, More often than not, salt and pepper are used together but have a separate dispenser for each. Pincher combines both in a smaller, one hand <Cropped>

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Divine by Ari Korolainen

Ari Korolainen Shows The Divine Big Light Pot

Ari Korolainen, the author of the highlighted work Big light pot:Divine by Ari Korolainen spells out, This is a big light pot, made of one or two piece of opal plastic. The pot do not have a bottom at all. So, You put it around a growing tree. And fa <Cropped>

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